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Erin Roberts and Trish Cassone

Pet Refuge
Erin Roberts and Trish Cassone

Thursday, 14 March 2024

1:00 am

Trish Cassone

Pet Refuge Case Manager

Trish and her team are on the frontline of our service as the first point of contact for families and referral partners who need our help.

Her team’s role includes assessing eligibility, coordinating the often complex and sometimes urgent logistics of pet transport, and providing a single point of contact between an owner and their beloved pet.

Unsurprisingly, Trish’s favourite part of her role is helping families start fresh without having to leave any member of the whanau behind. “I don’t like to say that I like my Case Manager Role at PR, but I love making a positive difference to the lives of pets and their families. It is so satisfying to return pets to the newly formed family, and they can move forward with your beloved pets back in their care” she says.

An animal lover since childhood, working with pets was a key drawcard for starting with Pet Refuge. “I’ve always had pets in my life and met lifelong friends through dog training, obedience, and agility groups. My recent role at Massey University saw me not only involved with student pastoral care but I was also the go to person to deal with stray dogs and litters of kittens on site. I always said that once the kids were not so needy, I would move into the world of pets and started with PR in 2023”.

Erin Roberts

GM – Marketing and Business Operations

Erin and her team look after the admin and business side of the charity, consistently working to ensure we have the funds needed to offer our crucial service.

Coming from a corporate background, Erin is now enjoying applying her skillset to making a tangible difference for pets and their families. “I’ve always been in big business and never considered working in a start-up, but there’s something about the opportunity for the savings and revenue you generate to help people and pets at their greatest time of need, which is hard to pass up” she says.

“We’ve only been open since mid-2021 and have operated most of that time at capacity. It’s evident the need is growing, meaning more and more families will need our help – It’ll be a big couple of years as we work to meet that need, but we’re up for the challenge”.

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