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  • Call 111 if you or someone you know is in immediate danger.

  • Phone It's Not OK on 0800 456 450 for support finding a service near you.

  • Phone the Women's Refuge Crisis line on 0800 REFUGE (0800 733 843).

Our Mission

To support the prevention of family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand through our combined lived experience lens by developing and delivering training and working with organisations.

Our Goals

  • Maximise whānau safety and wellbeing

  • Enhanced workforce capability

  • Increased dignity enhancing practice

  • Ignite community ownership

  • Develop and deliver affordable specialist training packages

About Us

ECLIPSE ignites family violence awareness through the specialist lens of lived experience

ECLIPSE Family Violence Services ignites mindset change through family violence training which places the victim-survivor voice front and centre alongside sectoral expertise. This unique combination of victim-survivor lived experience, theoretical understanding, practice knowledge, and specialist sectoral knowledge brings family violence awareness to life.

ECLIPSE actively contributes to increasing sectoral and community awareness so we can all take national ownership of reducing family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. We strive to increase positive outcomes for victims and whānau experiencing family violence by actively increasing empathy and genuine connection and reducing unconscious bias and judgement. This results in safer practice and safer whānau. 


All ECLIPSE training workshops are presented by facilitators who have lived experience, practice experience and sectoral expertise. We call this the Combined Lived Experience Lens. The dynamics of family violence are complex and having these important perspectives presented together helps participants understand the complexities of family violence in a much deeper manner. Learn more about our training.

Drawing on the combined practitioner-lived experience perspective, ECLIPSE has developed a unique model of practice that focuses on a whole of person approach to family violence response. Our Practitioner-Victim Insight Concept (PVIC) © helps explain the interconnected dynamics and impacts of coercive control. Learn more about the ECLIPSE approach.

"Debbs has an incredible gift and all practitioners need to experience this training, it was so eye opening and empowering."
"Debbs' story was mind-blowing. Who better to deliver this kind of training but a survivor of family violence."

Family Violence Paearahi

"She absolutely nailed 'why don't you just leave?'"

Workshop Participant

Social Work Student

Our Story

After more than two decades working in the sector, Debbs Murray founded ECLIPSE Family Violence Services in 2021 after identifying most family violence training in Aotearoa New Zealand failed to include the important voice of lived experience. ECLIPSE was formed to ignite family violence awareness through bringing the voice of lived experience alongside sectoral expertise.


ECLIPSE offers unique, targeted, and informed family violence training integrating victim-survivor lived experience, theoretical understanding, practice knowledge, and specialist sectoral knowledge. ECLIPSE's point of difference is all training workshops are run by facilitators with lived experience and sectoral expertise.

Debbs developed ECLIPSE's Practitioner-Victim Insight Concept (PVIC) © as a model of practice to help practitioners demonstrate greater empathy and enhance dignity as they work with whānau living with family violence.


ECLIPSE has grown rapidly since being formed in 2021. More than 2000 participants have gone through our our practitioner-lived experience trainings.

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