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Risk Analysis and Safety Strategising
A Whole of Person Approach

Understanding and working with risk and safety is important for all practitioners working with family violence. Through a whole of person approach to analysis of risk factors, understanding the harm continuum, and effective safety strategising the wellbeing and safety of victim-survivors can be supported. ECLIPSE's Risk Analysis and Safety Strategising course helps practitioners gain a deeper understanding of this important aspect of their work.

Course Length: 6 hours

Course Cost:

$100+GST (online)

$150+GST (in person)

About the Course

ECLIPSE's Risk Analysis and Safety Strategising: A Whole of Person Approach course encourages people who work with whānau experiencing family violence to consider beyond the immediate risk indicators to assess the continuum of harm, recognise cumulative impact, and acts of victim-survivor resistance. Practitioners are supported to think holistically and introduced to safety strategising. 

Through attending this course you'll:

  • Be introduced to the concept of victim-survivor resistance and ECLIPSE's Whole of Person Approach.

  • Have a greater understanding of how to analyse risk, consider the cumulative impact of harm, and identify other unseen areas of harm (such as retaliatory violence and gang association).

  • Develop insight into protective factors and safety strategies victim-survivors utilise to keep themselves and their whānau safe.

  • Learn about how to undertake safety strategising and safety planning.

  • Grow in awareness and knowledge of the dynamics of family violence and how you can respond in a more empathetic manner.

ECLIPSE training courses align with the principles of Te Aorerekura: National Strategy to Eliminate Family Violence and Sexual Violence.

Your Facilitator

Debbs Murray

Debbs was a victim of serious family violence and harm. Upon navigating a pathway to a life free from violence, she has dedicated her career to the family violence sector. For more than 20 years, Debbs has unashamedly pushed for greater local and national victim survivor and sectoral awareness, while striving to increase systemic and workforce capability. 


As a survivor of family violence, Debbs recognises and presents an interconnected perspective of victim-survivor and practitioner in a professional, healthy, engaging, and informative manner. Debbs is passionate about improving outcomes for whānau through increasing professional family violence capability and organisational accountability.

Debbs Murray.webp
"Awesome course! Great people. I learned so much which will protect me and also protect those we serve." 


"Sharing of real life experiences supports knowledge uptake. We are very grateful for Debbs sharing her story."


"I found Debbs was very engaging throughout the forum and mindful of both herself and those she was holding space for."


Upcoming Course Dates

25-27 June 2024

1:00pm - 3:00pm

9-11 September 2024

1:00pm - 3:30pm

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