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Kerryn Thrupp

Woven Earth
Kerryn Thrupp

Thursday, 4 July 2024

2:00 am

Kerryn is the founder and brainchild behind the Woven Earth family.

It is her drive and insatiable desire to make life better for women and children fleeing family violence that makes Woven Earth so remarkable.

She wrote the foundations for Woven Earth while in a refuge in Australia with her children and the day she was free of the courts she launched Woven Earth. That was 4 years ago now and over this time they have furnished over 520 homes of families escaping family violence and abuse.  Woven Earth creates new lives, new starts, new Hope and Joy for families.  On average, we fill about 5 homes a week, yet sadly there is demand to do many more.

Kerryn is a family violence survivor who has walked the journey of rebuilding her life with her two children; she knows first-hand the unbelievable courage it takes to be violence free. Her dream is to offer as many women and children as possible the chance to have a home and the dignity of beautiful things to furnish it with.

Kerryn has a Masters in Communications and has worked in Corporate Sponsorship and Communications Management roles in Australia and New Zealand for 18 years.

Woven Earth

We focus on the people in each family we support, every life matters. Every single member of the family have walked the family violence journey and every single member of the family have individual needs, interest and wishes. We individualise our support each life in their rebuild journey, whatever this may mean to them.

In 2021 we launched our Children's Fund to help us go one step deeper in the help we give and be able to connect much needed funding to support the needs and interests of the children within the families we support. In January 2022 we were able to expand our Children’s Fund further with the support of the Lindsay Foundation. With their support we can offer wider support to children within the families referred to our service for assistance.

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