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  • Call 111 if you or someone you know is in immediate danger.

  • Phone It's Not OK on 0800 456 450 for support finding a service near you.

  • Phone the Women's Refuge Crisis line on 0800 REFUGE (0800 733 843).

How Can I Help?

It is time Aotearoa to collectively, as a community, shine light into the darkness of family violence.

#HowCanIHelp is a social media movement to ignite family violence awareness to support you to help your friends and whānau who may be experiencing family violence.

One of the darkest aspects of family violence is that it is so hidden. The loneliness of isolation and entrapment, the enforced dependence upon a predominant aggressor, the loss of identity and freedom.  And then the fear of not being believed.


Our victims of family violence, resist violence every day, and in so many ways. Yet, this is often unseen and silent - and so we need to create a collective voice.

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