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One Soul, One Survivor by Debbs Murray

One Soul, One Survivor by Debbs Murray

In her soon-to-be-published book, One Soul, One Survivor, first-time author Debbs Murray recounts her powerful and moving journey into, through, and out of a relationship where there was serious family violence. By sharing her story, Debbs provides insights into the complexities and dynamics of family violence and openly exposes the dark realities of how the person she loved, through insidious and intentional acts of coercive control stripped away every aspect of who she once was. One Soul, One Survivor shares in detail how predominant aggressors of family violence use both physical and non-physical acts of violence to entrap primary victims in the relationship, taking away their freedom and their liberty.


Upon her and her children’s escape, Debbs made a personal commitment to dedicate her life and career to the family violence sector, and for the last 20+ years, she has done exactly that. One Soul, One Survivor is a beautiful weaving together of her personal journey of survival and healing and an informative guide that allows, in a real and raw, yet easily readable way, how to recognise and respond to anyone that may be at risk of harm. Debbs shares strategies, and shines hope into the worlds of those experiencing or supporting loved ones being victimised in the context of family violence.


Every part of me felt broken, again the hands that should have loved me the most, had hurt me.


I lay alone on my bed, in the foetal position, hands clasped out in front of me. Wailing that painful silent wail.


As I heaved through my next breaths, I felt two hands embrace my own. I had a sensation of absolute unquestionable love flow through my body, and simultaneously the pain simply disintegrated. I opened my eyes; I felt no fear. Kneeling on the floor beside me was a beautiful old woman. She looked at me, she knew me, and I knew her.


She said one simple thing, but she said it silently, and yet I had never heard a message more clearly. "Debbie, know that no matter how lonely you feel, you are NEVER alone". And in the fleeting moment of that divine connection, I knew peace.


This angel of light had come to me in my darkest hour. I had heard her, I had seen her, and I had felt her. For the first time I knew with certainty that the end was coming, just what the looked like... I had no idea, and so I just had to kept breathing, keep breathing and trust”.


Debbs is on a personal mission to highlight the true position of coercive control in the context of family violence, as an overarching tactic that exists within all perpetrated acts of harm. One Soul, One Survivor shines a spotlight on the many risks of non-physical coercive control, including the very real risk of suicide as a final desperate act to break the chains of entrapment in order to reclaim freedom.  This is an unmissable read, one that will, without a doubt, change your understanding of family violence and your mindset.


Follow Debbs' journey as she strives for global change and family violence awareness raising through her #ImMeImFree movement. This is for anyone who has journeyed through any place of darkness and reclaimed themselves in the light.


One Soul, One Survivor is currently available for pre-sale. We will ship the books once we receive them from the publisher in late 2024. As a thank you for purchasing a pre-sale copy, all pre-sale copies sold will be personally signed by Debbs.



    Expected to ship towards the end of 2024
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