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Debbs Murray

Founder and Facilitator

Debbs was a victim of serious family violence and harm. Upon navigating a pathway to a life free from violence, she has dedicated her career to the family violence sector. For more than 20 years, Debbs has unashamedly pushed for greater local and national victim survivor and sectoral awareness, while striving to increase systemic and workforce capability. 

Debbs is the very proud mother of four amazing adult children (and Sox the cat), nanny to five precious grandbabies, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law and an aunty. ​​

As a survivor of family violence, Debbs recognises and presents an interconnected perspective of victim-survivor and practitioner in a professional, healthy, engaging, and informative manner. Debbs is passionate about improving outcomes for whānau through increasing professional family violence capability and organisational accountability. ​

Debbs understands the resistance that our victim survivors engage, the strength, and mana that exists within the hearts of those trapped in the cycle of family violence. She believes in supporting these strengths to be recognised in practice and allowing clients to be self-determining. ​ Throughout Debbs’ career, she has built a diverse skillset and cross sectorial knowledge. Debbs has worked in numerous roles and organisations in the sector, including crisis response work, management, and developing systemic processes and capability. ​

Debbs is now at a place in her life where she is choosing to stand by her story and experiences. She has written a soon to be published book of her journey through family violence called “One Soul, One Survivor” and recently shared aspects of her personal journey in the New Zealand on Air Breaking Silence 2021 documentary series.

Debbs Murray
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