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Abuse in Care - Survivor Experiences Service

As many of you may know the Abuse In Care Royal Commission of Inquiry has now come to an end, and the final report due out in March 2024. There are many incredibly courageous people that exposed their abuse to hold the system to account but also to ensure that the same patterns of abuse, harm and violence aren ever repeated.

As a result of the inquiry, a Survivor Experiences Service has been established. The Survivor Experiences Service provides a safe, supportive, confidential place where survivors of abuse in care, and their whānau, can share their experiences to support their journey of healing. 

If you are working with anyone who was abused in State Care, please let them know that there is still a safe place for them to get support.


You can find our more information about the Survivor Experiences Service on their website.


The service can also be contacted on:

Phone:  0800 456 090

Text: 8328


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