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Family Violence - Messages in a Minute Video

Hi there, I am Debbs and #ImMeImFree

Welcome to my “Family Violence - Messages in a Minute”, a part of what we do within my business, ECLIPSE Family Violence Services, a specialist family violence training provider that walks alongside government and non-government organisations in their professional development of family violence capability.

ECLIPSE is founded and based upon my lived experience of family violence. Woven into all of that is my lived experience of having worked in the family violence sector in a variety of roles for 20+ years. To me, it is incredibly important that when I share my story, that I also use my awareness of the practice and the sector to provide tools.

I don’t ever want people hearing my story, feeling pity or sympathy, and not gaining anything practicable in the telling of my journey. All I want to do is to use my experiences, which, although deeply painful at the time, I now recognise as some of my greatest live learnings. Please feel free to check out a wee bit more about my story here and let us go on a journey of greater understanding together.

Let's embark on playing these videos and sharing them far and wide so that we can begin to better understand what we are looking for. The more we understand what we are looking for, the more equipped we will be to more appropriately respond and support those experiencing family violence to create their own pathways to healing.

Please note that all ECLIPSE content, resources and concept is copywritten to ECLIPSE Family Violence Services and cannot be replicated without permission. Please contact to discuss.

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