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Rainbow Communities and Family Violence - resources and workshop

Kia ora ECLIPSE whānau,

We wanted to share with you a Responding to Domestic and Family Violence in LGBTQIA+ Communities workshop. This workshop is being run out of Australia but will have some valuable learning. More information can be found below.

As we know here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and globally our Rainbow community are more than twice as likely to experience family violence, sexual violence and coercive control during their lives. If you identify as bi-sexual you have a 68% chance of being the victim of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) – and of course, complexities specific to our Rainbow community include:

  • Withholding of transitioning hormones and medication

  • Threats to “out” someone to family, friends, whānau, employers etc

  • “Medicalised Rape” – coerced surgical procedures without “consent”.

  • Coerces bi-sexual people to have threesomes

  • Deliberate misgendering

  • Deliberate use of “deadname” – deadname is the name associated with the gender given at birth. i.e., Robert (biological birth name) is now Kelly. Robert is the ‘deadname’.

Some Aotearoa New Zealand Resources


Rainbow Community - Advocacy and Support Services


FREE FRONTLINE WORKER TRAINING: Responding to Domestic & Family Violence in LGBTQ+ Communities


You're invited to join us on LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day (28 May) to learn about our new training for frontline workers!


In response to the barriers frontline workers face in recognising and responding to LGBTQ+ victim-survivors, we have developed a free e-learning program that will build capability and greater awareness.


Our free e-learning program will help frontline workers to:

  • Understand what LGBTQ+ identities and experiences look like and the barriers LGBTQ+ people may have to revealing their identities to frontline workers

  • Apply conversational skills when responding to an LGBTQ+ victim-survivor

  • Demonstrate the ability to engage with LGBTQ+ people, including conversational skills and earning trust

  • Assess and professionally respond to the barriers associated with the reporting of DFV in LGBTQ+ communities 

  • Feel confident to refer LGBTQ+ people to appropriate support services, if they are available

  • Become advocates for this and further LGBTQ+ training, with a call to action for actions you can take within your workplace.

The online launch event will also provide an overview and information on how you can introduce this new and free e-learning training into your workplace.


When? 10am - 11am on 28 May 2024 (this is Brisbane time – so please do check for any time difference)


Where? Via MSTeams



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