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Tika - support for sexual violence launching soon

Tika is a support service for sexual violence launching soon! Tika is being launchd by Alison Mau and Zoë Lawton. Tika is a new sexual violence “access to justice” initiative. Tika will be free and will provide support for survivors of sexual violence.

Alison Mau is connecting via Zoom with community agencies who may want to know more, so please drop her an email as per below:


An exciting day as we introduce Tika, a nationwide access to justice initiative I’m co-founding with barrister Zoë Lawton. Tika’s lead legal counsel is Maria Dew KC of Britomart Chambers.

Tika is the first of its kind in New Zealand and will be available for free to everyone who has experienced sexual harm in education, workplaces, businesses, sport, volunteer organisations, religious organisations, government organisations, and online spaces. We believe Tika is the key to raising New Zealand’s very low reporting rates (92 per cent of sexual harm goes unreported) and providing access to under-utilised criminal, regulatory and civil justice processes.

We know many of you feel passionate about removing the barriers faced by people who have experienced sexual harm, so if Tika resonates with you, it would be wonderful to hear from you. We are particularly interested in hearing from people who work in philanthropy and corporate sector fundraising. Your insights will contribute to the development of Tika's fundraising strategy as we progress towards our formal launch. We also welcome enquiries from high net worth individuals who would like to learn more about supporting Tika.

Feel free to reach out to Alison via LinkedIn message or email

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