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Bereaved by Suicide Service

Suicide is an often unseen, unrecognisable aspect of coercive control and family violence. 

When we look through the lens of Multi-faceted Entrapment, we consider not only how the predominant aggressor impacts and harms their primary victim, but how systemic deficiencies and inequitable structures can also contribute to the terrible outcome of suicide.

Suicide has a significant impact on the whānau left behind. We wanted to introduce you to a service providing support to whānau affected by suicide. Aoake te Rā offers free therapeutic support - please see more information below and check out their website.

Aoake te Rā: Bereaved by Suicide Service

Aoake te rā logo

Aoake te Rā is an Aotearoa based organisation that offers between 6 and 10 hours of free brief therapeutic support for individuals or whānau requiring support.

Their Bereaved by Suicide Service is a free service that provides support and manaaki to individuals and whānau who have lost someone to suicide.

Through a brief therapeutic response, our network of providers will support our hāpori (community) in honouring their grief and letting it find a place in their adjusted future.

Aoake te Rā  means ‘a new sun rises' - the emerging light being a symbol of hope as whānau adapt to their loss. Our name was gifted by Hon. Peeni Henare, Minister for Whānau Ora, Associate for Māori Health and reflects the many voices of individuals, whānau and communities who have shared their knowledge and experience in creating a service that helps people navigate life after suicide loss.

Visit Aoake te Rā Service page for more information about the service. 

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