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Woman and Child - understanding coercive control

This is such a simple 1-minute video that so clearly expresses the insidious, multi-faceted nature of coercive control.

Many people would say there are multiple acts of family violence in this video, jealously, coercive control, possession, phone monitoring, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, isolation, child abuse through witnessing family violence, and more.

ECLIPSE says they are all acts of coercive control in the context of family violence, that are perpetrated in a variety of ways. Within every coercive control action there is a calculated method of control to strip freedom. That means that for any predominant aggressor that is able to make cognitively conscious decisions, that regardless of the action, there is always coercive control.

When we recognise coercive control as present in every action, our response is more relevant, because we understand the calculated pattern-based nature of the violence. That immediately makes it a predominant aggressor issue and not a primary victim issue. We need to be conscious of how we position family members experiencing family violence in order to ensure appropriate responses.

Check out more from Safe Ireland who produced this video.

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