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Breaking Silence Series 3: ECLIPSE Family Violence Services

This video is a twofold celebration - firstly, of survival of coercive control in the context of family violence, and secondly, of what you can achieve when you believe in yourself. For years I was told I was stupid, dumb, worthless, ugly, a waste of space, would never achieve anything, was a useless mother, and I could go on for hours. I escaped the entrapment of coercive control, and although I am still healing and always will be, I am now ME! And I love me. And I love what I have created and achieved within that which was only 2 1/2 years ago, a dream - ECLIPSE Family Violence Services.

Family Violence is Coercive control - and it needs to be reframed as such, and I use my lived experiences to expose the truth of this every day.

It is time for coercive control in the context of family violence to come to an end, for woman, for men, for non-binary, for everyone. It is time for us to globally stand up, and to raise our voices for all of those who no longer have one, for those who currently do not have one, and for those who one day will not have one.

The combination of lived experience of family violence, and practice and sectoral knowledge is a powerful one, because then experiences become tools. I am so proud (and a little shocked) to have created lived experience informed practice concepts, that highlight the powerful, brutal, and often unseen aspects of coercive control from a relational perspective, and equally highlight and call out the profound detrimental impact of coercive control being used in practice, systems and governing inequitable structures. These concepts are now so successful that they are being replicated, and academically written up for publication.

This video is only 13 minutes long, please watch to see what true belief in self can achieve. All concepts shown are the intellectual property of ECLIPSE Family Violence Services.

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