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ECLIPSE KNOWSS Recap - Pet Refuge - Erin and Trish

Kia ora whānau


We wanted to share with you all the incredible information in the latest ECLIPSE KNOWSS session. ECLIPSE KNOWSS (Knowledge in Navigating our Workforce Systems and Sector) is a regular series of 1-hour online Master Classes to support practitioners to better understand and navigate our systems and sector by bringing in sectoral experts to guide and support learning.


Last week, we were so lucky to have Master Class presenters Erin and Trish from Pet Refuge, who took the time to share their knowledge, their service provision, and more than anything the enormous heart that drives Pet Refuge to be a partner organisation that literally makes the difference between our primary victims leaving and not.


Pet Refuge is now a nationwide service and they are resourced by not only their direct staff but, by people all over the country who provide safe farms, safe shelter and transport.  It truly is a network of love.


After 4 months of being operational, since their launch in Mid 2021, Pet Refuge was at and still beyond capacity, that is the level of demand, this led to reaching out into our communities to gain additional support.


Pet Refuge offer a full package of:

  • Transport – nationally

  • Vet care for every animal upon arrival

  • A warm and safe bed so that they can sleep soundly

  • Wellbeing – consisting of exercise and enrichment

  • REUNIONS – when pet and parent reunite

90% of pets require vet treatment upon arrival, and so far 433 pets and 267 families have received support and that equates to 40454 safe nights.


The physical Pet Refuge site is fully confidential, and so there is a high level of trust that pet parents put in the Pet Refuge whānau.  But they truly go above and beyond and have even been known to take bunnies for hospital visits to their māmā.  There is no better healing balm that a snuggle with our fur babies.


They take all animals from reptiles to horses and everything in between.  They provide safe nights at the Refuge, and sometimes a “Driving Miss Daisy” services to simply transport from an at-risk home to a safe whānau member in another town.


The referrals statistics:

Refuge                -             35%

Police                 -             20%

NGOs                 -             19%

Self referrals     -             17%

Other                  -               5%

Hospitals          -               4%


If you are looking to connect with or refer to Pet Refuge, please let your clients know that Pet Refuge understand that family violence directly impacts how or if they can adequately care for their pets.  This is a “No judgement, No blame” charity.

Please share this information across your networks, it is critical work and a beyond critical resource.


Resources and Links:

Brief video of Pet abuse by Breaking Silence - Breaking Silence | Season 2 | Episode 7: Pet Abuse | RNZ (

Helpline - 0800 PET REFUGE / 0800 738 733 843

Help email –

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