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ECLIPSE KNOWSS Recap: Matt and Sarah Brown

Kia ora koutou,

We wanted to share learnings and resources with you all following each ECLIPSE KNOWSS session. ECLIPSE KNOWSS (Knowledge in Navigating our Workforce Systems and Sector) is a regular series of 1-hour online Master Classes to support practitioners to better understand and navigate our systems and sector by bringing in sectoral experts to guide and support learning.

Our first session with Matt and Sarah Brown from She is Not Your Rehab was phenomenal. I'm still reflecting on the power of Matt and Sarah's story! Their mahi throughout Aotearoa New Zealand has been incredible and they are truly reaching people and making an amazing impact.

One quote from Matt which stood out to me was:

Monsters are not born. They are created. If it takes a village to raise a child, is our village full of hurt people who hurt people? Or is it full of healed people who heal people?

Matt and Sarah launched She is Not Your Rehab to connect primarily with tāne to try and stop violence. She is Not Your Rehab launched with Matt sharing his story via a TedX talk. You can watch this below.


Matt and Sarah have launched a FREE web app called innerBoy. innerBoy guides tāne through a healing journey and is designed to share a window to another life, whilst also equipping tāne with tools and strategies.

innerBoy is entirely free to use (and you can use any of the resources or videos within the app for free, including in group programmes!). The app takes men on a journey over 30 days, taking only 30 minutes a day. The app can be used at their own pace.

Here's some more info about innerBoy from their website:

Welcome to innerBoy. A free men's mental health APP with a guided support program where I facilitate connection to your innerBoy. Here, I treat this like a school of healing for innerBoys. 

This is where we learn new ways of how now to make sense of our inner world which always impacts our outer world in many ways. 

An ‘innerBoy’ is the subconscious version of us. We can’t see him, but he holds all our old experiences, specifically the traumatic experiences that made a big impact on your life. This is what your innerBoy is made of. He is too often ‘stuck’ in those experiences, having not received the proper support or validation when traumatic events occurred, so always remains on high alert to warn us now of things that trigger or remind him of his old pain. That’s when he might lash out in childish ways or shut down. He doesn’t know how else to regulate his feelings because he wasn’t prepared for what took place in the past and no one helped him make sense of it at the time, so he’s been in survival mode ever since.

Inner child work has been an important tool for me that taught me how to heal and understand my childhood traumatic experiences better. I practice this in my life as I need to and it has been a transformative part of my own life.  

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