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ECLIPSE KNOWSS Recap: Louise Nicholas Trust

Updated: May 8

We at ECLIPSE and the representatives from our family and sexual violence sector who attended this ECLIPSE KNOWSS Master Class were honoured to have Louise Nicholas from the Louise Nicholas Trust (LNT) come and speak to us about her journey. We all learned many things, including how, through her courage, she has developed a national response to supporting survivors of sexual violence within our court systems.


There was a lot of conversation about the Police, and trust in Police, questions about processes in the courtroom, and support of victim-survivors. There were also questions about if LNT were providing training to the Ministry of Justice to support their current national processes, it was noted that there had been an absence of support nationally to MoJ sexual violence court support personnel. It was recognised what a good fit LNT would be in this space, with Louises knowledge and experiences. The final moments of the hui were flooded with gratitude, thanks and appreciation for Louise, her courage and her time.


The Louise Nicholas Trust is a charitable trust that has a national reach and offers services across Aotearoa New Zealand. There are three core workgroups, which include but are not limited to victim advocacy, national advocacy, and national training.  If you feel your organisation, network or collective would benefit from Louise and LNT knowledge please reach out to them via the contact details below:


A little bit more about Louise Nicholas:

  • 2015 - Governor General ANZAC

  • 2015 - NZ Order of Merit – Queens Birthday

  • 2015 – NZer of the year local hero award

  • 2016 - NZer of the year finalist

  • Women of Achievement Ward – Zonta

  • Human Rights Award with Helen Clark who was the only other recipient


There is a strong intersection between family and sexual violence, and I am yet to speak to a primary victim of family violence that has not experienced some form of non-consensual sexual connection, assault or rape in the context of their victimisation.


We had representation from approx. 30 different organisations, and many of our screens had multiple people behind them. 


Thank you all for your attendance, and most of all Louise, please keep doing what you do, you are supporting whānau to break cycles, and there is no value that can ever be put upon such a profound act of service.




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