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Family Violence and Sexual Violence Service Gaps Report

The Ministry of Social Development have released a report into the Family Violence and Sexual Violence Service Gaps. This report was developed through consultation with the sector and includes potential strategies for addressing the gaps.

The report identifies five overarching gaps which impact across multiple communities, including gaps in:

  • Family Violence and Sexual Violence services workforce capability.

  • The delivery of holistic, whānau centred wraparound support.

  • Sexual violence services.

  • The accessibility of safe houses and the availability of emergency accommodation.

  • Services tailored for tangata whenua and people from diverse communities.

As a family violence training organisation, ECLIPSE is committed to providing the highest quality of training and support for family violence practitioners and organisations. We are currently in the process of developing new workshops to cover the four levels of the Entry to Expert Family Violence Workforce Capability Framework (you can learn more about our approach to E2E here). We are carefully considering this report and how we can further strengthen our offering of family violence workshops to strengthen and support family violence workforce capability.

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