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Our Te Aorerekura alignment journey

At ECLIPSE we have worked incredibly hard to be able to say that we are aligned with the Te Puna Aonui Entry to Expert (E2E) Family Violence Workforce Capability Framework. We would like to provide to you all with a brief overview of the extensive work we have undertaken. 

Te Aorerekura: National Strategy to Eliminate Family and Sexual Violence included the development of a workforce capability framework which sets out the skills, knowledge, and competencies of those who are experiencing family violence. This framework was launched in January 2023 and is known as the Entry to Expert (E2E) Family Violence Workforce Capability Framework.

ECLIPSE fully supports and believes in the E2E Framework - we believe that it comprehensively sets out the capabilities those working with whānau experiencing family violence need to have. Since this framework has been launched, ECLIPSE has been working to ensure our workshops align and cover the capabilities set out in the E2E Framework.

From mid 2023, we have been working closely with Te Puna Aonui to complete the Mapping Training Tool to map our existing workshop content against the capabilities in the E2E Framework. This was a valuable exercise and we identified areas where our workshops could be strengthened to cover more of the E2E capabilities.

Since completing this mapping exercise, we have been working hard to restructure our workshops, have introduced new workshops (with an online learning module coming soon!), and take a continuous improvement approach to our workshop development.

We have mapped our existing workshops to the Essential level of the E2E Framework. We will also be launching a Diversity and Family Violence online learning module in the next few months to complete our Essential level offering. By completing all of our Essential level workshops, you will have received training in all of the capabilities in the Essential level of the E2E Framework. You can learn more about our workshops here.

We are in the process of developing workshops for the Entry, Enhanced, and Expert levels of the framework and will update you when these are available.

As a professional family violence training provider, it is our absolute priority that our workshops are safe, relevant, and informative. Our Combined Lived Experience Lens informs all of our workshop development and delivery.

At ECLIPSE, we pride ourselves on our integrity and standards of excellence. If you would like to know more about how our workshops align with the E2E Framework, or how we ensure participants are safe during our workshops, please get in touch with us via email:

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