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Family Violence - Messages in a Minute - Where to get support

Listen to your radar if you are worried, reach out to an organisation and ask for help.

You can find a list of support agencies and explore the options for family support in Aotearoa, New Zealand on our website:

Be a voice for that moment in time that someone cannot be, if you see something, please do something, if you can do it safely. Only if you can do it safely.

If it is not safe for you to call Police, please document the details of what is happening, the people, the place, the date, the time and any other relevant information and provide it the necessary support agencies when it is safe. If someone is at risk, and is currently being hurt, and you can call the Police, or if it is you and you want to call the Police – please call 111 (in Aotearoa New Zealand).

If you do not want to call the Police, but you are wanting support, please reach out to our incredible Refuge services across Aotearoa New Zealand – call them on 0800 733 843 and they will offer advise and support.


111 – Police – risk to person or property and it is happening right now

105 – Police – no risk to person or property and it is NOT happening right now

0800 733 843 – National Collective of Independent Refuges

Google – Refuges or family violence services in my area.

Debbs Murrays “Family Violence - Messages in a Minute” - #ImMeImFree

Please note that all ECLIPSE content, resource and concept is copywritten to ECLIPSE Family Violence Services, and cannot be replicated without permission. Please contact to discuss

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