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Help the New Zealand Hague Collective to represent Aotearoa

ECLIPSE truly believe in supporting our whānau organisations and also striving to support change by increasing the safety and well-being of our families experiencing family violence.


Here is an opportunity to support The Hague Collective of Aotearoa having a voice at the upcoming Forum on Domestic Violence and the Operation of Article 13 (1)(b) of the 1980 Child Abduction, which will be held in South Africa in June.


With only 100 seats offered globally, The Hague Collective have been offered one of those seats, but as a small Charity Organisation, they need help to get there and present the voice of Aotearoa.


To support The Hague Collective to attend this forum, you can give at their Give a Little page:

You can also visit their website:


Check out the incredible work being done in this space. Although this aspect of the Hague Convention was developed to increase child safety, sadly, it is often used as a powerful coercive control technique to entrap and retain control over māmā rather than being about child safety and well-being. It is time for change, and our national voice is needed.

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